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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reading the Signs in Glass Encased Candles

Candle work is not only very effective, but it creates a sacred ambience. When friends and clients come to my home and see all of the candles burning, they always comment on the serenity and the beauty.
I work almost exclusively with glass encased seven day candles and the Catholic Saint candles. What I like most about them is that I can watch the progress for days and see the how the spirits are working out the spell. There are many signs that are easily read in the glass encased candle.

After I cleanse and dress the candle appropriately, I mark the wax with the firma of the Palo spirit I am working with, or the sign of the cross, if I am working with the saints or ancestors. (I used Kolonia 1800 or Florida Water and cigar smoke to cleanse them.) Sometimes, I dot the top of the candle in a 5 spot pattern with condition oils. I then hold the candle to my heart and pray over the candle breathing my intention into the candle through my heart chakra. I knock three times on the glass, set it on my altar and light it.

Here is a list of signs that I look for and what they mean to me:

The Flame:
- If there is snapping and popping followed by a poof of white smoke the spell will
be a sure success and there will be blessings.
- When the candle takes on a low flame, the spell has a weak start but may pick up
momentum as the candle burns through the obstacle energetically. Watch closely.
- If the flame is unusually high and burns quickly, I look for speedy results.
- A flame that flickers and dances indicates that the spirits are battling in your
- A flame that is low and puts itself out, tells me that there is other work that needs to be
done with regard to the situation or that it is not the appropriate action to take. Look for other options.
- When the wick builds up a large ball of soot, there is emotional baggage involved.

The Glass:
- White smoke on the glass is a good sign and an indication of success and blessings.
- Black smoke on the glass is a sign of struggles. It is my experience that the situation will take a
series of candles to clear as the spirits are fighting a battle. They need the
continued energy of the flame and perhaps an offering. Spiritual cleansings are also indicated.
- Clear glass is a good sign. It is usually an strong "all systems go" from the spirit world, but can also
indicate that the spell is somewhat of a mute point. It is already a done deal.
- There are also symbols in the smoke residue that can be read. Do not overlook the subtle
messages. These symbols are often interpreted differently by every practitioner. It is direct
communication between you and your spirits. They know what the symbols will mean to you and that
is what they are conveying.
- Broken glass is a sign of enemy work. If the glass fractures, shatters or explodes, there is enemy
work involved in the situation and appropriate action should be taken.
- Burn marks where the flame got close to the glass and left a smudge of black smoke or charred the
label with the saints image, can indicate that there are back stabbing people in your life. They are
border-line enemies or "frienemies" and may even be causing you strife with their "evil eye" (envy and jealousy).

The Wax:
When a candle leaves wax residue it indicates that there are still some things that need to be cleaned
up in order to fully manifest your desires. This can be cleared with repeated candle work and some interpretation of the symbols in the residual wax will be helpful.
- If there is a substantial amount of wax remaining in the bottom of the glass, there is some unfinished
business. You may need to burn a second candle or follow it up with another spell.
- Wax on the sides of the glass indicates where there are personal hindrances to the progress of the
spell. Whereas, with the broken glass there is a strong indication of enemy work, here the wax residue
is an indication of personal or emotional blocks. In this case you are your own enemy. This takes
some soul searching and honest self appraisal. I mentally divide the candle into 7 layers, assigning
a chakra to each layer. This helps me to pinpoint problem areas and address them appropriately. I also
note the right and left sides of the candle as projective and receptive; the front of the candle and the
back as past and future or in some cases, conscious and subconscious. I carefully look for symbols
in the residue. Then I work to clear those areas with spiritual cleansings and candle work.

Always use divination when doing spell work. This is the best way to stay on the right track and make sure that you are not overlooking something important. Spiritual cleansings and other spell work are often indicated in addition to candle work.